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Honeymoon With Harry

MOVIE RIGHTS BOUGHT BY NEW LINE/WARNER BROS. The emotional and hilarious story of hard-living Todd Cartwright who falls in love with Tammy Everett, a woman who literally saves Todd from himself. But Tammy's suspicious, overly protective father, Harry, does everything he can to crush the relationship. Todd is not about to give up the greatest thing that's ever happened to him and goes to war with Harry. But when the unthinkable happens, the men dive into a physical and emotional tailspin that threatens to consume them both. Todd decides to go on the honeymoon alone and return to his destructive ways only to find Harry at the airport with Tami's ashes which Harry intends to spread on the island. Reluctantly, these two wounded souls go on the honeymoon - both for very different reasons - where the enormous anguish consuming them causes them to react in very different and unexpected ways. Though these two men hate each other, each is the only person who can understand the loss that the other has suffered. Todd and Harry are forced to recognize that they have one thing in common: they loved the same woman. And that bond causes them both to begrudgingly help the other overcome the gaping loss that has swallowed them and move on with their lives.


A Second Honeymoon with Harry

When Todd gets word, that Harry is on St. Carlos to get married, Todd reluctantly returns to the island which holds many bittersweet and painful memories. Reuniting with Harry, his never-to-be father-in-law, for the first time in five years, Todd’s fragile world explodes when secrets from the past collide with a complicated and dangerous present where the only thing certain is that life will change dramatically for both men…and there is only one person that the other can rely on. The one they hate the most…but love even more.



With her uncle, the President of the United States, presumed dead and her beloved younger brother, Ozz, missing, Dot Gale is whisked into an odyssey in a different, very strange dimension. With the aid of three friends, she makes on this arduous adventure, Scared Crow, Heartless and half man/half beast, Lars, Dot must battle the diabolically deadly Empress West if she is ever to return home with Ozz. Can Dot survive the evil machinations of the Empress and return home to rescue the United States before her wicked Aunt Emily succeeds with her sinister plan to take over the country?



When Conner Carter is banished from New York City for cheating on his socialite wife, he flies across country to Sonoma, California, to stay with his brother Cody and Cody’s ridiculously wealthy husband, Rhett, and their two adopted Cambodian children. Jealous since childhood of Cody's seemingly perfect life, Conner discovers that things that glitter often tarnish and shatter in shocking and dangerous ways. Having always taken the easiest route through life, Conner, must step up for his brother when Rhett goes missing on a film shoot in Colombia, and for the woman Conner is falling in love with, Zinzi, the half-Black, half-Puerto Rican nanny whose own violent past has caught up with her. From the tattered and surprising pieces of their lives, these people with find the strength in WHAT REMAINS.



hen endlessly sunny, barmaid, Mary Kay and Avon cosmetic rep and yes - virgin - Daiquiri La Bouquet, is accused by her devious mother, Vivian, of attempted murder, Daiquiri flees her island home for another island...Manhattan, in search of two things: her biological father who Vivian drunkenly teased is “the richest man in New York City,” and the storied man who will be "her first." While New York can be a tough town, Daiquiri quickly lands a job at Tigress, a bar catering to the trans and cross-dressing community, where everyone fall in love with the hard-working, quirky Daiquiri. With the help of Tigress's owner, Mercury, Daiquiri finds a place to live with Johnny, the handsome, brooding Tigress bartender and boytoy for Marilyn Hansen - wife of successful businessman, Schmitt Hansen - who Johnny hopes will back him in a business venture. And while Daiquiri can’t help but be drawn to Johnny’s handsome moodiness, she's equally attracted to the gorgeous, flirtatious Brett, co-owner of the local coffeehouse she stops by daily. While Daiquiri fantasizes that either Brett or Johnny will be "her first," her less-than-scientific investigation into the identity of her biological father leads her to believe that Alex Comier, a mega-handsome, mega-successful businessman is the man her mother slept with 24 year ago in the back of a cab. But when Daiquiri convinces one of the lonely transsexuals to allow her to give her a makeover, toning down her harsh makeup and giving her a softer, more feminine look, the results are astounding! Daiquiri quickly finds herself in demand as the makeover star of the trans community! What she doesn't expect is that all of these pieces will collide in a crazy series of events that could only happen in New York City, leading her to not only regretfully discover her biological father but to happily realize that man she wants to be 'her first' is not who she expected at all! But just as Daiquiri's life is falling place, her mother, Vivian, and Trueblood, the island police captain, catch up Daiquiri and she is arrested for the attempted murder, leading to a court battle where Daiquiri believes she can prove her innocence and an unexpected ally comes to her aid and proves he's more than a gross disappointment. This hilarious and heartfelt tale of charm and perseverance is in the vein of LEGALLY BLONDE and LIFE AND OTHER NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, told in the unique and wonderful first-person voice of Daiquiri herself. This is a journey of a person searching for so many pieces missing in her life but finding the one she never expected...herself.

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“If there were only some way of contriving that an army should be made up of lovers and their loves, they would be the very best governors of their own city, abstaining from all dishonour, and emulating one another in honour; and when fighting at each other’s side, although a mere handful, they would overcome the world.” – Plato: Symposium

Thus was the motivation for the Sacred Band of Thebes, an elite Greek fighting force of 150 pairs of lovers. For forty years, they were considered the greatest fighting force on Earth.

Their reputation established in 376 B.C.E., when the 300 man Sacred Band, faced off against an army of 1,800 Spartans, broke their ranks and caused the Spartans to flee. It was the first time in Spartan history that a force of equal or lesser size had defeated them.

And then a mere five years later they faced off against the mighty Spartans once again. Joined by 7,000 men from various Boeotian cities, the 300-strong Sacred Band defeated the significantly larger 12,000 man Spartan army. Using newly created battle strategies, the Spartan losses were in the thousands after only two hours of fighting, and Sparta’s long reign as the military might of the region collapsed.

The remarkable legend of the Sacred Band lives to this day…

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