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Bart Baker

Novelist, Screenwriter, Playwright, Producer



Cordon's past has finally caught up with him. But he doesn't realize how much of his life has been controlled. If he's ever going to have a future, he has to be free of the past. Before it kills him. 
clink link below to grab a copy!: Human Wreckage: Cordon Finn Vengeance Series: Book 3 (The Cordon Finn Vengeance Series) eBook : Baker, Bart: Books

      Movie News!  
 I have a movie shooting now! It will be on the Lifetime Network in August! 

Starring Taye Diggs and Meagan Good! 

Stay tuned for air dates!

A Brutal Mix...

At most online book vendors and bookstores.

 When Cordon's newly discovered half-brothers take Annie hostage, he and Lucious return from Havana to discover that the half-brothers are part of a white supremacist organization searching for gold stolen by the Nazis, that Cordon's father had hidden.

Annie's life being Cordon's only priority, he sacrifices everything and anyone to make bring her to safety. Even driving into a hurricane to rescue her. 

But when he discovers the kidnappers are after the fortune in gold smuggled out of Germany by the Nazis during the War, Cordon knows that if the gold is real, he has to stop this vile group from getting their hands on it, and return it to the families who suffered and died during the Nazi regime.

The adventure takes them from Florida to Texas, all the way to California in a race against a group of white supremacists who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the fortune...and intend to kill Cordon in the process, ending at an incredible, bloody, kick-ass shootout in the middle of Beverly Hills. 

Order today by CLICKING ON LINK BELOW to go to the AMAZON PAGE or from your favorite online book vendor!! A BRUTAL MIX OF BLOOD AND GOLD: CORDON FINN VENGEANCE SERIES: Book Two (The Cordon Finn Vengeance Series): 9798985986655: Baker, Bart: Books 



 I PROMISE YOU PAIN, book one in the Cordon Finn Vengeance Series: Hired by a Chicago billionaire to pluck his runaway son from the Palm Springs compound of a wealthy pedophile, former military extraction and information specialist, Cordon Finn, believes it will be a simple snatch-and-go job with a big payday. But Cordon discovers that his quarry isn’t the billionaire's underage son, but rather his trans-daughter, Lucious, whose father wants her dead. After fighting off assassins, Cordon vows to keep Lucious alive. But when the billionaire kidnaps Cordon’s girlfriend and comes after his family and friends, Cordon takes the fight back to the billionaire's door. With the help of Lucious and his sister, Annie, Cordon craves vengeance, even if the cost is his own life.

Rave reviews are in for I PROMISE YOU PAIN. This is not your daddy’s Jack Reacher, Cordon Finn is a different breed. Fascinating, faceted, damaged but relatable, Cordon seeks vengeance for those who can't fight back. 

Clink on Link below to go to the page: I Promise You Pain: Cordon Finn Vengeance Series - Book One (The Cordon Finn Vengeance Series): 9798985986648: Baker, Bart: Books


THE LAST HONEYMOON WITH HARRY is now available at most online retailers!  

The third and final book in the HARRY series. An emotional, and hilarious sendoff to Todd and Harry. Be prepared to laugh and to cry, THE LAST HONEYMOON WITH HARRY will be hard to forget. And if you haven't read HONEYMOON WITH HARRY or A SECOND HONEYMOON WITH HARRY, why not? :) Both books are available at most online book retailers!  Grab a copy and be ready to belly laugh and ugly cry with Todd and Harry!

Click on the book cover to go to the Amazon LAST HONEYMOON WITH HARRY page!!!

THE WEDDING GIFT cover (2).png


Laugh. Cry. This story of love, friendship, and sacrifice will touch your heart!



If GOOD GIRLS were BREAKING BAD and needed their CLAWS to get out of trouble, you'd have SCRAPS. Four financially desperate women counterfeit designer clothes using stolen sewing machines. Battling the police, bill collectors, and deadly human traffickers, these women are willing to lay it all on the line for themselves, their families, and each other. SCRAPS is the wickedly funny, sexy, dangerous, intense, often brutal story of friendship, family, and juicy secrets that might destroy them.


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